Board of Directors

Jay Hawkins, President

Tony Wilkins, Vice President

Paul Stanfield, Treasurer

Cindie Swindlehurst, Secretary

Karla Hall, Board Member

Erina Byers, TCFA Board Rep.

The board of directors is seeking applications for parents to serve on board committees. There are currently openings in Governance, Finance, High School Planning and also the SIT (School Improvement Team). If any parent is interested in serving on these committees please complete the below application & email Karla Hall at

2017 Board Committee Application Revised2



CCA-CFA 2017-2018 Board of Directors Calendar 

In accordance with state statutes and directives from the SBE/DPI and OCS The Board of Directors of Cornerstone Charter Academy­ A Challenge Foundation Academy shall hold a least 8 monthly meetings. The calendar of our meetings for the 2017-­2018 school year is listed below. It is subject to change with public notice. The Board may also hold special meetings with 48 hours’ notice. Board Meetings are subject to open meeting laws of the state of NC and are open to the public unless meeting the guidelines for executive session.

The regular meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on Thursdays at 4pm at the 7800 Airport Center Drive Campus unless otherwise posted.

July 20, 2017
Regular Meeting, 3:00 PM in the Library
August 10, 2017
Regular Meeting, 3:00 PM in the Library
September 21, 2017
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
October 19, 2017
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
Possible Cardinal Community Meeting to follow
November 16, 2017
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
December 14, 2017
No Regular Meeting
Work Session, 12:00 PM, 1st Floor Board Conference Room
January 11, 2018
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
February 15, 2018
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
March 22, 2018
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
April 26, 2018
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
May 17, 2018
Regular Meeting, 4:00 PM in the Library
June 14, 2018
Annual Meeting, Time & Room TBD

Board Information

NEW Board Committee called School Development Committee and we are looking for a few members.  Come by the front office for applications.

2017 Board Committee Application Revised2

Board Agendas 

2017-18 March Board Agenda – Proposed

2017-18 February Board Agenda – Proposed

Board Meeting Agenda 1-11-18 – Revised

CCA – Vision Agenda 12_7_17

2017_12_04 Special Board Meeting Agenda Draft


Board Minutes

2018.01.25 Special Meeting Minutes Approved

2018.01.11 Board Meeting Minutes Approved

2017_11_16 Board Meeting Minutes Approved_signed

2017_10_19 Board Meeting Minutes_draft

2017_10_27 Board Meeting Minutes Approved

2017_09_21 Board Meeting Minutes_approved

2017_09_06 Minutes_ Approved

08_31_2017 Minutes Approved

2017_08_10 Meeting Minutes

2017_07_05 Special Board Meeting Approved Minutes

2017_07_20 Board Meeting Minutes

2017_06_19 Approved Meeting Minutes

2017_06_15 ApprovedMeeting Minutes

2017_05_17 Approved Meeting Minutes

2017_04_20 Approved Town Hall Minutes

2017_04_20 Approved Meeting Minutes

2017_03_23 Approved Meeting Minutes

2017_03_02 Approved Meeting Minutes

2017_01_26 Approved Meeting Minutes

2016_12_15 Approved Meeting Minutes

2016_11_17 Approved Meeting Minutes (1)

2016_10_27 Approved Town Hall Minutes

2016_10_27 Approved Meeting Minutes

2016_10_12 Approved Special Meeting Minutes

2016_10_03 Approved Special Meeting Minutes

2016_09_15 Approved Meeting Minutes

2016_08_06 Approved Board Retreat Minutes

2016_07_29 Approved Special Meeting Minutes

2016_07_21 Approved Meeting Minutes

2016_06_30 Approved Special Meeting Minutes

2016_06_16 Approved Annual Meeting Minutes

2016_05_17 Approved Meeting Minutes

2016_04_20 Approved Strategic Planning Minutes

2016_04_19 Approved Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2016

February 29, 2016

February 22, 2016

February 11, 2016

January 28, 2016

January 19, 2016

January 4, 2016

2015_12_07Board Proposed Meeting Minutes Approved (1)

2015_12_15 Meeting Minutes_approved


Board Materials

Strategic Planning Announcement Letter to Parents and Staff

Board Meeting Materials 2017_12_04

Financial Reports

August 31 Surplus

August Budget Report

Condensed August Budget

Vendor Payments for August

Past Board Items

We will keep Board meeting documents on the website for up to 2 years.  Copies of the Board meeting minutes & documents are kept at the school.  Please contact the main office if you would like to view these documents.