3/5/18-3/9/18- Romanticism unit

Our Romanticism unit began on Monday (3/5) .  We read pages 156-158 in our History book.


Romanticism- a philosophy that focuses on emotions and imagination as opposed to logic and reason.

Classicism- a philosophy that focuses on logic and reason as opposed to emotions and imagination.


Jean Jacques-Rousseau- “A man is born free and everywhere is in chains”

Rousseau viewed the Native Americans as the “Noble Savage”.  They were savages because they had no technology, or widely accepted form of government or order.  They were noble because they led self-sufficient, peaceful lives.

Etching- a black and white print, that is then hand colored by an artist.


Romanticism artists-notes

Vocabulary for Romanticism Poetry- Romanticism Poetry

Poems read and analyzed in class:  poems