Absence Work Info, 1/29-2/2

I have uploaded this extra info specifically because we have had so many absences.  If you have been absent at any point this week, please use the information below to ensure that all your make up work is turned in ASAP!

NOTE 1: All cores have Khan Academy this week!

NOTE 2: All neccessary worksheets and/or notes are or will be (for Thursday and Friday) attached at the bottom of the update for your core class.

Cores 1, 2, and 4

Monday 1/29 (Mrs. Martin was also absent)
  • Turn in HW assigned on Friday (RPJ’s p. 116); show to Mrs. Martin upon return.
  • Percents, Decimals, and Fractions Worksheet, attached.
  • Review info for test: Study Guide and Examples Notes, attached.
Tuesday 1/30 (Mrs. Martin was also absent)
  • Section 5.6 Activities (do with 1 or more family members to aid understanding): RPJ pages 117-119.
    • Read Section 5.6 Lesson thoroughly and discuss with family members to aid understanding, p. 226-227 in textbook (online).
Wednesday 1/31
  • Began notes on Section 5.6, attached.
Thursday 2/1
  • Completed notes and practice on Section 5.6 (will try to attach Monday, or students can always copy from a friend upon return).
  • Homework: RPJ Section 5.6 Practice (p. 120).
Friday 2/2
  • Notes + discussion and practice on Section 5.7 (will try to attach Monday, or student can always copy from a friend upon return).
    • Students at home sick should read Section 5.7 Lesson thoroughly and discuss with family members to aid understanding, p. 234-235 in textbook (online).
  • HW: Study for test on TUESDAY (Sections 5.1-5.6), and start studying Section 5.7 measurements (QUIZ on Friday next week).

Attachments: Monday through Wednesday scanned documents

Core 3

Monday 1/29 – Tuesday 1/30 (Mrs. Martin was also absent)
  • Students worked on the Ch. 4 TEST in class.
    • Please email Mrs. Martin if your Core 3 student is/was absent and may need to begin this test at home.
  • Turn in Study Guide for Chapter 4 Test!
Wednesday 1/31
  • We held a division facts competition – find interesting ways to practice division facts (0-12) at home!
  • Continued to finish tests after pre-checking.
Thursday 2/1
  • Began Chapter 5: Ratios and Rates.
  • Notes + Discussion and Practice of Section 5.1. (I will try to get all other notes attached Monday, but student can also copy from friends upon return!)
  • Complete Activities 1 and 3 in RPJ workbooks (on p. 97 and 98).
  • Homework: RPJ Section 5.1 Practice (p. 100).
    • Reduce ratios if possible within homework!!
Friday 2/2
  • Contine to work through some real-world examples, solving ratios that involve totals using several strategies.
    • Students should thoroughly read through Section 5.1 Lesson in textbook (online), pages 192-193, especially examples 2 and 3.
  • Homework: Textbook Section 5.1 Exercises #’s 4-13, 15-18