Ancient Rome- 11/30/17

Roman Empire

Early Rome was ruled by kings (monarchy)
Six of them were good, but the 7th was cruel
The people revolted in 509 BC and started a new government
They chose to start a republic

What is a Republic?

A form of government in which the citizens select their leaders
These leaders represent citizens’ interests when passing laws
Rome did not want a king nor did they want direct democracy (like Athens)

Rome had two classes of people (unequal groups)
Plebeians – common people that had few rights and almost no say in how they were governed. For a long time, there were laws that prevented them from marrying a patrician.
Patricians –noblemen that held almost all of the power, they had the best education, and only they could become members of the Senate.
These classes often avoided one another (sometimes by law)


Both of these classes were represented in the government
There were four main groups of officials in the government
Consuls, tribunes, senators, & the assembly.
The Senate became very powerful and not only elected the consuls, but also advised them after their election.


Consuls (2)
Leaders of Rome
1 plebeian; 1 patrician
Re-elected every year
Made the main gov’t decisions
Tribunes (10)
Group of plebeians only
Passed laws that only applied to plebs