Ancient Rome- 12/1/2017


Rome overtook all of Italy by 275 BC
Those conquered by Rome were given citizenship
Unlike other conquerors that often enslaved
Citizenship – right to vote, share of war profit, & protection

1st PUNIC WAR (246 B.C)

Carthage was Rome’s rival across the Mediterranean Sea
Carthage had taken part of Sicily
Rome declares war, and the two fight for 23 years
Though Rome lost many men, they overpowered Carthage

2ND PUNIC WAR (229 B.C.)

Carthage looks to attack Rome from Spain under a new leader, Hannibal
Hannibal was a young, but very effective general
He marched from Spain, through the Alps in northern Italy
He hoped to defeat Rome using soldiers, horses, and elephants
Though he wins the Battle of Cannae in 218 BC, Carthage lost after an 18 year war