Classroom Assignment Board

This classroom assignment board is set up just like the one in the classroom.  It will show the current day, as well as the previous 4 school days.  Be sure to check the date to ensure you are looking at the correct assignments and correct day.

Monday 11/12/18:

What we did in Class:  NO SCHOOL (VETERAN’S DAY)

Homework: NONE

Tuesday 11/13/18:

What we did in Class:  Learned Material from Ch. 14 Section 4, Probability and Heredity

Homework: Probability and Heredity Worksheet

Wednesday 11/7/18:

What we did in Class:  Checked 14-3 GR&S, started Circle of Traits Lab

Homework:  none

Thursday 11/8/18:

What we did in Class:  finished Circle of Traits Lab, Started E-Unit “Intro to Heredity”

Homework: Work on E-Unit, it is due Friday night 11:59pm

Friday 11/9/18:

What we did in Class:  Test Cross Cat Worksheet, E-Unit work time

Homework: E-Unit due tonight at 11:59 if not finished in class