Classroom Assignment Board

This classroom assignment board is set up just like the one in the classroom.  It will show the current day, as well as the previous 4 school days.  Be sure to check the date to ensure you are looking at the correct assignments and correct day.

Monday 11/13/17:

What we did in Class:  Quizzes Returned/Graded, Edgenuity Work Session for Bones, Muscles, and Skin Unit

Homework:  Quiz Corrections

Tuesday 11/14/17:

What we did in Class:  Collected Quiz Corrections, Started Unit on Digestion with Bill Nye Video:  Digestion

Homework: none

Wednesday 11/15/17:

What we did in Class:  Read Ch. 9-3, Do Guided Reading and Study/Review and Reinforce Worksheets

Homework:  finish any classwork not completed

Thursday 11/16/17:

What we did in Class:  Checked Ch. 9-3 Worksheets, Watched Swallowing and Epiglottis Video Clips

Homework:  Chapter 9-4 Worksheets

Friday 11/10/17:

What we did in Class:  No School, Veteran’s Day

Homework:  Thank a Veteran!