Classroom Management

I thought I’d take a minute to explain my philosophy for classroom management.

I use a card-change system that is designed to help students (and me) monitor their behavior. This isn’t a clip system where students move up and down a chart. I found it’s hard for me to be consistent with that system. Plus, I don’t focus on the card change and teach my students the same thing. The point of a card change is not the changing of the card, but the changing of the behavior.

The list below was adapted from a book called Family on Mission by Mike & Sally Breen. It’s been helpful to me as I think about training my own children and the students in my class.

focuses on past misdeeds
repayment and getting what you deserve
guilt, fear, shame
inflicting penalty for offense
suffering for wrong-doing

focuses on future good choices
guidance and getting what you need
security, love, support
training for maturity
appropriate consequences for learning

Punishment focuses on the quick-fix. You did something, and now there is a consequence. There isn’t much follow-up or training involved.

Discipline is forward-thinking. You did something, there is a consequence, but the goal is training for right thinking and behaviors in the future.

Will I do this correctly all the time? No. Will I mess up in training students? Yes. Thank you for trusting me to teach your child.