Skills homework will be in packet form and given on Monday and then due the following Monday. I suggest leaving the packet stapled and keeping this in a safe place at home or placing it back in the homework envelope each night after completion. Please initial all reading worksheet and attach any extension/writing activities. This packet will not be taken out until the following Monday (due date will be placed on the homework cover sheet). Domain parent letters are also attached to these packets. Please read and keep these in a safe place. If you keep them attached, that is fine they will be sent back home the following week once homework is graded.

i.e.: Your child comes home Monday with their homework envelope. You guide them, if needed, in completion of the assignments and place the envelope back in their book bag to be returned the following Monday.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Weekly Homework Cover Sheets:

The Cover Sheets are now attached to the homework packet.  Here is an extra copy if needed: