Parent Teacher Conference Time


I will be conducting parent teacher conferences between 10/30/17 and 11/09/17 in 15 minute intervals. Posted are the time slots I have available for these days, please sign up and indicate if you will be attending in person or if you wish to have your conference via telephone. I would prefer you use this portal to sign up, please do not email me with your requested time slot. If we already met for our conference do not sign up again at this time. As you can imagine with 27 students, time is limited and as such I will need to strictly adhere to each 15 minute time window and ask that you are on time and that we focus on making the most of the time we have together. I will be sending a questionnaire home in the green homework folder for you to fill out in advance with things you would like to discuss during the conference, please fill it out and send it back no later than 10/27/17. I look forward to seeing you!

Ms. Lipford