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Specific rules for I.E.s are included here: NtlIEGuide

Rules for Individual Events Exclusive to NC Thespians

PLAYWRITING – Part of the NCTAE NC Young Playwrights Project 1. Each troupe may submit one play. 2. Student playwrights and readers must be registered participants in the NC Thespian Festival. (Playwright may not read.) 2. Entries may be created by one author or an ensemble. In the case of collaboration, only one playwright must be present. 3. Works can be no longer than 40 minutes. There is no minimum limit. 4. If there is subject matter or language stronger than PG, this must be noted on registration materials. 5. Several stools or chairs will be provided. Schools may bring other set pieces, but everything must be removed at the conclusion of the reading. 6. No special lighting is available. Keep in mind that this is a reading, not a finished production. 7. After each presentation, a guided discussion will be held between the cast/audience/director and playwright. 8. One copy of the entire script should be emailed by attachment (PDF, Word, or Google doc) to ncthespians@gmail.com by the registration deadline.

1. Entrants(s) must present one selection.
2. Only solo or duet performances are allowed.
3. Selection must be ORIGINAL and not a copy of another artist’s.
4. No lip synching by the performer(s) is permitted.
5. Performer(s) may use pre-recorded, non-vocal musical accompaniment or pre-recorded non-vocal sound effects. A CD player will be provided. Performers may create sound effects live during the performance using their voices or body. Performers may choose to use no music or sound.
6. If the performance is a duet pantomime, each entrant must be actively involved in the scene.
7. The performance cannot exceed five (5) minutes.
8. The introduction must include only the entrant’s (or entrants’) name(s), troupe number, and title of pantomime piece. Time will begin when a performer(s) moves after conclusion of introduction.
9. Props or theatrical makeup are not allowed. All performers must wear black. One (solo) or two (duet) chairs may be used.