Khan Academy

Welcome to the resource page for Khan Academy!  Use the Subtitles below to navigate to the topics you need to get logged in or check your child’s progress, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a set of helpful links.

Logging In

Each students username and password follows a set pattern, detailed below.

Username: lower case last name, then uppercase first name, no spaces. For most students who do not go by their birth name, I have used the name we call the student in class.
Password: First initial upper case, second initial lower case, birthdate in the form of “mmddyy”

Example for “John Smith, born January 2nd, 2003”
Username: smithJohn
Password: Js010203

There are a few students whose logins do not follow this pattern (mostly because their name was already taken for a username). I will be emailing those parents with their logins directly.

If your child cannot get logged in using this information, please email me and I will send you your child’s individual login information (it will be simpler for me to reply to a few requests, than email 108 families at this time).

Getting Notifications About Your Child’s Work

1. Go to, and have your child login.

2. Once logged in, click on your child’s name in the top right corner. Then click “Settings”.

3. On the settings page, you can add more information about your child, and you can also add your parent/guardian email to their account. Voilà!

Assignment Schedule

Students are required to do Khan Academy every week (unless otherwise notified on rare occasions). The “week” lasts from 12:01am on Mondays until 11:59pm on Sundays. That means that this week, students need to complete the Khan Academy requirements by Sunday night.

Common Sense reminder: Please encourage your children to NOT wait until the last minute to do Khan Academy. If they are striving for a 100% then they need an hour of time on task each week, and waiting until the last minute for this will only frustrate you and your child.

Mission Practice

There are many ways to practice and get time on task while working on Khan Academy, but have your student check to make sure that he or she is going to their “Mission” Page – this is the page that will allow your student to make sure he or she is mastering skills. Make sure they’re logged in, and then here are the next steps to take to start practicing:

1. Click on “Subjects” in the top left corner.
2. Click on “6th”
3. On this new page, click on “Mission” in the horizontal menu bar.

On the Mission page, Mastery challenges will be at the top of their individualized practice list when they are available. Students can also practice skills needed from this page as well. The more skills they practice, the more often the Mastery Challenges will appear and the more opportunity they’ll have to show mastery on their practiced concepts. Each individual Practice set is a skill, but he or she can only show mastery after practicing these by doing Mastery Challenges.

Grading Rubric

The grading rubric that we are starting the year with is attached (at bottom of this page). The more students work, and the more practice they do of different concepts, the better they will be able to understand and use their math skills! Grades are based on both time on task and newly mastered skills.

Tracking Time and Mastery

There are many ways that you can check to see how your student is doing, but here are two good ones that especially help you see how much time your child been on task on Khan Academy during a set time period, and how many new skills he or she has mastered. I have shown the classes this process of monitoring progress, but please do this with them at home so that they can practice checking their progress with you.

Step by step:

1. Have your student log in to their account.
2. Click on the student’s name in the top right corner and choose “Profile” from the drop down menu.
3. The profile gives you an overview of what the student has been doing. At the top is a menu bar with several options that you can look through.
4. Click “Progress” in that menu bar.


Method 1 (Mastery and Time):

– You’ll see a page on “Skills” – it shows a chart of all the skills a student has attempted in a specified time range for a specific area of study.
– Specify the area of study by going to “Mission” and choosing “6th Grade” (and also look at “7th Grade” if you child has worked in those topics).
– Specify the time range you want to check on by choosing from the drop down menu “Activity from:”
– To see newly mastered skills, count the number of skills with an up arrow beside them that say “Mastered”. If your student did work in both 6th and 7th grade, do not count skills twice that overlap in both missions.
– To see time on task, count the number of whole minutes that your student spent on each still by looking at the last column in this chart (labeled with a tiny “clock” symbol). After counting whole minutes, add a couple extra minutes depending on how many skills your child spent “<1 minute” on.
– Also go to “Videos” (beside “Skills”) to add in any time spent specifically watching videos.


Method 2 (Easier way to see Time and general scope of practice):

– After clicking “Progress”, choose “Activity” below the menu bar.
– “Activity” shows you a bar graph of all the practice and videos that your child has done or watched in a specified time period across all missions (so for any grade level).
– Hovering over the bars shows more detail, including total number of video minutes and skill minutes spent that day. Video minutes are included in time on task. This way you don’t have to add up all the minutes per skill, but instead can add up the minutes for each day.

I do wish there was an easier way for students to check on their time and mastery – but until that easier way is available, practice following these instructions each week as you monitor their Khan Academy work. Again, I will be showing these methods in class frequently as well.

Helpful Links:

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