Light and Sound

light and sound

In our new domain, we are learning about Light and Sound.   In the section about light, we will learn why light is so important, how light travels, how shadows are formed, what happens when light hits different objects.   We will also learn about reflection and mirrors, refraction and lenses, and what causes rainbows to form.     Once we begin to talk about sound, we will learn how sound travels, how sound is different from light, why sound can not be heard in space, and how the human voice is able to make sounds.

Some vocabulary words your student should know by the end of this domain are:  illuminate, shadow, absorbed, concave, convex, mirror, plane, reflected, transmitted, lens, opaque, refraction, translucent, transparent, prism, rainbow, spectrum, wavelength, white light, medium, sound waves, vibration, frequency, intensity, pitch, diaphragm, larynx, trachea, vocal cords, voice box, receiver, transmitter.

Be sure to have your student tell you about Samuel and Jack and our Domain about Light and Sound!