Our Dojo is Ready!


Our Class Dojo is up and ready!  Please check your child’s green Homework folder for information on how to sign up for our Class Dojo page this year.    If you are not familiar with ClassDojo, please check out the information video to the right in the Classroom Resources section on this page.  I use ClassDojo in several ways in our room.  One way I use ClassDojo is as an incentive for positive behavior in the classroom.  Students can earn Dojo points for displaying positive behavior during the day, and they can lose Dojo points for displaying negative behaviors.  As students earn Dojo points, they can “trade” in their points for rewards.

I also use Class Dojo to communicate with parents.  I may send  a quick post on Class Dojo with a message that will be sent directly to each parent’s phone they used to register for Class Dojo (without me even having to have your cell phone number!).   I also will post pictures of the students in the classroom so you can see some of the activities that your child is doing throughout the school day.  And Class Dojo is a safe platform for this, as you must have the access code that is specific to your child in order to have access to our class’ Dojo site.

If you still have questions about ClassDojo and how I will use it in the classroom, please do not hesitate to ask.