PreACT scores given back to 10th graders

10th graders & their parents: PreACT test scores were returned to 10th graders during English 2 classes on Wed., Dec 13th and they should be bringing them home for you to see. Please ask your child about their PreACT score reports. Mrs. Bell explained to students how to interpret the test scores and I am including a Power Point to help explain this information to parents as well.
This PreACT test is a low-stakes, practice test given in order to help 10th graders continue to prepare for their ACT test that they will take as juniors in February 2019.
Please refer to the Power Point below for understanding the test scores, as well as how students can use ACT prep tools to continue practicing daily. Also, I have included information in the Power Point about the Summer Ventures in Math & Science program which requires PreACT scores to be submitted withe each student’s application. Summer Venture program applications are due January 15th, 2018.
If you have any questions, please email or call me.

PreACT score interpretation