Reminders for next week

This week, we finished our “Where I am From” poems, and learned annotation strategies for informational text. Today, in class you worked on “Show What You Know,” which you will present on Monday. Be sure to bring any props or visuals to aid your presentation.

Other Reminders:

Due Monday:

-“Where I am From” poems, with rough draft and reviewers’ notes (if you don’t have a printing device, email me your poem)

-“Show What You Know” presentation

-AoW- 3rd PERIOD-Finish square 3 and step 2

Due Tuesday: Bring The Good Earth- if you have it on an e-reader device, be sure to return your E-reader Agreement issued by Cornerstone

Note: You can come by my class, in order to receive assistance at 7:45 or during your lunch. You can also SCHEDULE an after school time to meet…