Spelling Words

We are differentiating our spelling this year.   Students will get a new list each Friday.   Each week, we will focus on a spelling pattern,  vowel combination/sound, or concept.      Each Friday, there will be 3 lists of words.   All the lists will follow the spelling pattern and will increase in levels of difficulty (Red Group-easiest, Blue Group-medium, Green Group-hardest).   The students will get to choose which list of words they will practice for the test at the end of the next week.    If I feel the list the student chose is not challenging enough, I will suggest they try the next list.   If during the week, the student (or parent) feels the words the student has chosen are too difficult, the student may back down a list.   Any changes to spelling lists MUST be made BY the Wednesday before the spelling test.

Each week, students will also have 5 high frequency words as part of their spelling list.   These are words that appear often in writing and students should know how to spell these words automatically.   These words are the same for all students.   Students will practice writing their list of words for homework throughout the week.