Summer Reading Project

CCA-CFA Summer Reading Project
Dear Parents,
In your new student packet, which you received when accepted to CCA-CFA was a Summer Reading List. There were several books for you to read to your rising Kindergartener over the summer to prepare them for the new school year. It is now time for your child to present their project from this reading.
Your child should pick their favorite character from any of the stories. Then draw a picture of the character depicting something that happened in the story. There are many levels of drawing development with a child, so we are looking for the following:
• Drawing completed by child with no adult help in the space provided
• Child wrote their own name on the paper to show ownership
• Adult scribes’ child’s answer in handwriting lines below the picture to these questions: What character did you draw? What is the character doing?
• Child responds appropriately to question
A rubric will used to grade your child’s project.