Test Corrections

Test Corrections:

Any student who earns a 69 or below on a history test, may choose to make corrections by following the directions below.

On a separate piece of paper, the student is to write a COMPLETE sentence with the correct answer in it for each question missed.  The student will earn a certain number of points for each correction made that is CORRECTLY made and is written in a COMPLETE SENTENCE.

Example of a test question:

1.What is a desert?

a) A place that is very hot                               b) a place that is very sandy

c)      A place that is very dry                              d) all of the above

If the student answered the question wrong- they should do the following on a separate sheet of paper:

1.     A desert is a place that is very dry.


They would do this for every incorrect answer they have.  They are to staple the correction page to the front of the test and turn both in the day after they received the graded test.