Weekly Announcements 12/1/17

Dear Parents,
Winter break is fast approaching.  Our students are really getting excited!  We have a lot of fun events coming soon!
Here are some updates and important information:
-Farm Feast is on Wednesday, the 6th. Please have your children wear their costumes to school-ready to go! If you are picking up your children, please be here at 11:15. Please try to arrive slightly earlier if you are driving additional children to show license and insurance information to Mrs. Funderburg. The Farm Feast is located at 7616 Business Park Dr, Greensboro, NC 27409; just down the road from the school. We will begin performing as soon as all the children arrive. Parents will leave their children with their teachers and enter  the room for the performance. As soon as the performance is over, we will begin eating. After we eat, you may take your child with you. You will have to sign out with the teacher before you leave. If you drove other children, you will have to drive them back to the school first. Remember, there is limited space and just enough seating for our 100 children.  We ask that only 2 adults per child attend. We are in NEED of meat and milk! Please sign up for these items if you can!

https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/ showSignUp/30e0e49acaa2ea31- kindergarten/56049592

We are looking forward to this event!
-Our prize box is getting low again.  Please send in any items you  think would be appropriate.  If you are cleaning out for the holidays and see some old happy meal toys, feel free to send them our way!
-Our Gingerbread House activity will take place on December 15th. A sign up genius will be going out shortly. Please donate items and your time if you can! It is always a fun activity! I will also need volunteers to hot glue the graham crackers to the milk cartons beforehand. Thanks in advance!
Next Thursday our students will be painting in art.  Please send a large old t-shirt in that day.  We don’t want to get paint all over our uniforms.
Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:
Math: We will continue our unit on shapes. We will learn about triangles and hexagons. We will identify 2D shapes in a picture and work on shape activities.


Domain (Listening and Learning): We will review on Monday and take the farm assessment on Tuesday. Our Farm Feast will take place on Wednesday. We will begin our science fair project on Thursday & Friday.  We will be learning about magnetism.  Be sure to look at homework for Thursday. We have asked that each students brings a small object that will fit into a sandwich sized Ziploc bag, labeled with your child’s name.  It will be kept at school until the following week.  This is to be used for our science fair experiment.  We don’t want to be too specific about the request, because it will ruin the fun!

Skills: The students will continue to review the sounds that they’ve learned. Please work on the green cards on the sound ring. We will sound out words and read phrases in a book. We will play games and complete activities to reinforce blending sounds.
Have a great weekend!