Weekly Announcements 2/16/18

Dear Parents

I hope you’re enjoying this warm weather!  Thank you for all of the sweet Valentines!

Here are some updates and important information:

-Thank you to everyone that sent in supplies.  I appreciate all you do for our class!

-Please make sure that you are returning the RED Bags on your child’s assigned day.  We have a scheduled time to read with the students and when bags are forgotten, I will not pull them a different day. Thank you for working with me to ensure that we keep your child progressing with their reading fluency.

-I will send home math book A along with the activity book next week.  These books are for you to keep.  We will begin Book B on Monday.

-Thursday is a half day.  Students will dismiss at 11:45.

-Friday is a teacher workday; enjoy the long weekend!

Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:

Math: Students will work on identifying numbers that are one more and one less than a given number.  They will also identify groups as more and less.

Domain (Listening and Learning): We will continue Domain 8 Seasons and Weather.  Students will learn about the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. They will also learn about sever weather, meteorology and safety in storms.  They will use the vocabulary: last, severe, and warning.  They will spend time reviewing everything we have learned and have an assessment on Thursday.

Skills: The students will continue working with the digraphs /ch/,/sh/,/th/,/qu/, and /ng/ this week.  Students will be assessed on identifying words that contain the digraphs and reading the words. They will continue reading from our “Seth” readers.

Shurley: Students have been practicing the noun jingle, verb jingle, sentence jingle and learning the three rules of a sentence.  They will continue to identify if words are a sentence or a fragment.  We are also working on identifying nouns and verbs. They will also learn about describing words.

Mendy Yarborough
Kindergarten Teacher CCA-CFA