Weekly Announcements 2/2/18

Dear Parents,

I hope you’re ready for 6 more weeks of winter! Thank you Phil!

Here are some updates and important information:

-Please help us and be more careful when sending your children to school when they are complaining of not feeling well.  There has been a significant increase in fevers, stomach bugs, strep throat and the flu exposure in our classrooms.  Also, please remember that our school has a 24 hours wait period for sicknesses.  We will ensure that your child will be given the make up work when they return.  Thank you helping us stay healthy!   The front office has asked that I attach a picture guide.

-K-2 will have a short Semester 1 Perfect Attendance Acknowledgement on Feb.5 during our morning assembly. You will receive an email from your child’s teacher if they are receiving an award.

-Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Tea with the Queen.  We are looking forward to this celebration! So far, our class is the only one that doesn’t have enough servers.  We have 1 out of 4.  Please look at your schedules and try to be a part of this fun event.  Also, be sure to start working on crowns.  Teachers ask that they be created by children and not store bought.  Also, please refrain from sending students to school in costumes on Friday.  We just want students dressed nicely.

-Monday is the 100th day of school! We will spend the day rotating through kindergarten classrooms with each teacher teaching a 100th day activity.

-Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, February 14.  Many have asked about how this event is usually handled, and in the past we have asked that names not be on envelopes.  This year…we are asking for names to be written.  Sorry for any earlier confusion.  K teachers think students are ready to read and deliver cards.  Here is a list of our names:

-Just a reminder that we have recess at 9:30 in the morning.  We go outside even when it is cold.  Please make sure that your child comes to school in appropriate outside attire for these frigid mornings.

Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:

Math: Students will continue to compare objects by length and height using the terms short/shorter/shortest, long/longer.longest and tall/taller.  They will also compare objects by describing them as small/smaller/smallest and big/bigger/biggest.

Domain (Listening and Learning): The students are enjoying the fun read aloud stories in our Kings and Queens Domain. They will hear the story “Snow White” nest week.  They will use the vocabulary: stomped.  They will review the all that we have learned in this domain and take their assessment on Thursday.

Skills: The students will begin Unit 7.  We will introduce the digraphs “ch,” “sh,” and “th” this week.  We are moving right along with our reading development!

Shurley: Students have been practicing the noun jingle, verb jingle and learning the three rules of a sentence.  They will continue to identify if words are a sentence or a fragment.  We are also working on identifying nouns and verbs.
Mendy Yarborough
Kindergarten Teacher CCA-CFA