Weekly Update #10

Hello Parents!

It’s been a great week back and refreshed from fall break!

Please be practicing the sound ring at home and please watch the video that was sent to ensure that you are saying the sounds correctly with your child! You can also take the sound cards off the ring to create words to read, but make sure you put the cards back on the ring. Please make sure the ring is always in the proper place in their book bag so that we can add on sounds as we learn them. Thank you!

Here are some updates and important information:

-Field trip to the farm is October 30th. We will depart from school 8:15am, and return around 2pm. If you are not a driver, please make sure you send in your child’s car seat on the morning of, otherwise they will not be able to attend the field trip. An email was already sent to the drivers.

-If you haven’t already, please purchase your student’s tie dye shirt. Your student will need this to wear on field trip days!

-Our recess begins at 9:30, it is still very chilly even if the forecast calls for warmer weather later in the day. Please send your child with a jacket every morning!

-Red Thursday Folders: Keep items on the LEFT, return items on the RIGHT! Make sure you are signing all assessments that are being returned on the RIGHT.

-Please also remind students to respect all adults, especially classroom volunteers (lunch parents and character education coaches)! Students should know that the same rules are in place even when another adult is present.

-Homework expectations: The teachers in kindergarten have high expectations on homework. Please check over your child’s work to ensure it is neat, they took their time, and it is fully completed. Please make sure your children use the lines to trace their letters. They should be tracing the letters just as it is printed.

Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:

Math: We will review our unit on numbers 1-10. We will have an assessment on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will begin our unit on ordering numbers. We will count and recite numbers 1-10 and students will observe that the numbers increase by their magnitude.

Domain (Listening and Learning): We will begin our new domain: plants! We will learn plant parts and life cycles. We will read stories about plants called, “The Gigantic Turnip” and “Polly the Honey Bee”. We are going to also be doing plant experiments!

Skills: We will continue to learn the sounds of the alphabet. We will learn the new sounds, “v, z, p, e”. We will blend all these sounds to form words by using our pocket charts and playing games. Please do not refer to these sounds by their letter name. This is essential to your child’s foundational reading skills and will transfer over smoothly as they begin to read. Please do not begin calling them their alphabet name until after winter break! If you have any questions, please let me know!


Have a wonderful weekend!