Weekly Update #22

Hello Parents!

We had a blast at the Tea with the Queen! I loved everyone’s royal outfits and crowns!

Here are some updates and important information: 

-Compass works best when it is used with chrome or firefox.  If you are using explorer, you will most likely encounter glitches.  Compass activities are “self-paced” and will only increase with difficulty.  Students should be completing these on their own; if you are helping them then they can potentially be pushed further along than what they are currently capable of achieving. You must also hit the “exit” button in the bottom left corner after completing an activity.  If you just exit out of the window it will not save and will not be marked as complete.

-Spring fever is hitting home early! Please discuss with your child about school expectations.  We have had an increase with lesson disturbances with talking out of turn and playing during transitions.  Students have been earning less and less tickets each week as these behavior are increasing. Thank you for your help!

-Just a reminder that we have recess at 9:30 in the morning.  We go outside even when it is cold.  Please make sure that your child comes to school in appropriate outside attire for these frigid mornings.

Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:

Math: Students will continue to compare objects by length and height using the terms short/shorter/shortest, long/longer.longest, tall/taller, big/bigger/biggest, and small/smaller/smallest.  They will also begin to compare objects by weight using the terms heavy/heavier/heaviest and light/lighter/lightest.  Students will be assessment on their understanding of these concepts on Friday.

Domain (Listening and Learning): We will begin Domain 8 Seasons and Weather.  Students will learn about the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.  They will use the vocabulary: frigid, gradually, distinct, and progress.  They will also learn the saying “April showers brings May flowers.”

Skills: The students will continue working with the digraphs “ch,” “sh,” and “th” this week.  They will also learn the digraph “qu.” The students will be excited to read from their new readers on Friday: “Seth.”

Shurley: Students have been practicing the noun jingle, verb jingle and learning the three rules of a sentence.  They will continue to identify if words are a sentence or a fragment.  We are also working on identifying nouns and verbs.  Student’s will learn the Sentence jingle this week.