Weekly Update #23 February 23, 2018

Hello Parents!

We hope that you are enjoying your long weekend! We have an exciting week ahead with book fair spirit days!

Here are some updates and important information: 

-Scholastic Book Fair and Spirit Week are this week! Monday students are able to dress as their favorite pet, Tuesday is pajama day, Wednesday (OUR FIELD TRIP DAY) is wacky and tacky, Thursday is book character day, and Friday is dress to impress.  We hope that you take advantage of The Hot Dog Dinner, Muffins with moms, Doughnuts with Dads, and Lunch with a Loved One to come and visit the Book Fair!

-Please make sure that you are returning the RED Bags on your child’s assigned day.  We have a scheduled time to read with the students and when bags are forgotten, I cannot guarantee that I will have enough time to pull them on a different day. RED Bags should be read every night.  We want to the students to be able to read through the book without needing to sound out any words, Thank you for working with me to ensure that we keep your child progressing with their reading fluency.

-Wednesday is our Cat in The Hat Field Trip. Although this is Wacky and Tacky day at school, we are asking that students come to school in jeans and tie-dye field trip shirts.  We do not feel it is appropriate for our students to attend the Carolina Theater in Wacky-Tacky attire.

Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:

Math: Students will continue to work on identifying numbers that are one more and one less than a given number.  They will also compare groups as more and less. Students will be assessed on Friday.

Domain (Listening and Learning): We will be taking this week to learn about land and water.  The students will learn the Oceans and Continents.  Feel free to check out the songs posted on my website.

Skills: The students will continue working with the digraphs /ch/,/sh/,/th/,/qu/, and /ng/ this week.  Students will be assessed their ability to read words containing these digraphs. They will continue reading from our “Seth” readers.

Shurley: Students have been practicing the noun jingle, verb jingle, sentence jingle and learning the three rules of a sentence.  They will continue to identify if words are a sentence or a fragment.  We are also working on identifying nouns and verbs. They will also learn about describing words.