Weekly Update #24 March 2, 2018

Hello Parents!

The students had a blast dressing up for Spirit Week! We hope you had a chance to visit the book fair this past week!

Thank you for all the books that were donated to our classroom!  We’ve already read each one!

The highlight of the week was most definitely our trip to “The Cat in The Hat” play!

Here are some updates and important information: 

-We are in need of wipes and spoons.

-Kindergarten has noticed a decline in lunch parents.  Please take an opportunity to come in to the classroom as a lunch parent! Your children really enjoy having you here and so do we!  Thank you to those parents who already come in regularly!!

-March 16th is a half day for students.  This day is designated for parent/teacherconferences.  If you feel the need to conference please contact your child’s teacher.  Teachers will contact you if they feel a conference is needed.  If you are not contacted by your teacher then you can assume that everything is on grade level and that there are no concerns to discuss at this time.

-Students will begin their Word Rings this coming week. You child’s teacher will send home more information once she sends home the rings.

-Please make sure that you are returning the RED Bags on your child’s assigned day.  We have a scheduled time to read with the students and when bags are forgotten, I cannot guarantee that I will have enough time to pull them on a different day. RED Bags should be read every night.  We want to the students to be able to read through the book without needing to sound out any words, Thank you for working with me to ensure that we keep your child progressing with their reading fluency.

Here is an overview of what we will learn this upcoming week:

Math: Students will practice counting and writing numbers 1-20.  Students will identify 2 digit numbers by making groups of ten and ones.

Domain (Listening and Learning): We will begin our Columbus and the Pilgrims Domain.  Students will learn about the spice trade between Europe and India.  Students will then learn about the kings and queens search for spices, specifically Ferdinand and Isabella. Students will then learn about Columbus’ voyages and discoveries.  Students will learn the terms: journey, victorious, shore, courage, and ashamed.

Skills: The students will continue working with the digraphs /ch/,/sh/,/th/,/qu/, and /ng/ this week.  We will also begin Skills Unit 8.  Unit 8 will introduce tricky words: the, a, of, all.  They will also begin a new reader, “Sam.”

Shurley: Students have been practicing the noun jingle, verb jingle, sentence jingle and learning the three rules of a sentence.  They will continue to identify if words are a sentence or a fragment.  We are also working on identifying nouns and verbs. They will also learn about describing words.