Weekly Update

Hello Parents,

The students had a blast at the feast! Thank you for all of your hard work preparing food, setting up, serving, and cleaning! We hope you enjoyed their performance! They were the cutest little farm animals!!

Important Updates:

*Please have you child pick out one small object that can fit inside a sandwich sized ziplock bag, labeled with their name on it. We will be using these for a science experiment. This item will remain at school for a few days.

*The Kindergarten Classes (Crossley, Yarborough, and Winbush) will be the “spotlight” at Friday’s morning assembly, December 14th.

*Please send your child to school in a winter coat, we have recess early in the morning when it is very cold outside!

*With the excitement of the upcoming holidays please give daily reminders to your children about classroom expectations and rules. They are starting to get excited about the up coming break and are becoming increasingly chatty and distracted.

*Please send in some individual snacks, if you can.  We are out and I have several that forget their snack daily.  Please keep in mind that it is better to send things like potato chips  or granola bars.  Thank you!

This week:

Math: We will have Chapter 5 assessment on Monday; comparing height, length, weight, and capacity. We will begin Chapter 6 comparing sets and identifying same, more, less, and fewer.

Domain: We will assess Domain 5 Farms on Monday. We will being a short unit on magnetism. We will use the scientific method to explore magnets.

Skills: We will continue Unit 5 and will be learning the letter sounds /j/, /y/, and /x/. Please continue to practice all previously taught sounds nightly! You can help your child distinguish ‘b’ and ‘d’ by reminding them to check their writing with “bed.”