8th Grade History

History and Geography Core Knowledge Grade 8: Middle East, South Asia, China, Canada, Mexico and post-Cold War Changes. Students will learn the elements of geography as it pertains to locations, environment, physical, and human systems.

Classroom Rules:

Respect yourself and others.

Stay in your assigned seat.

Be ready for class with all materials.

Be in proper uniform at all times.

Clean your area before leaving class.

Meet all challenges and pursue excellence.


Given weekly or as needed to reinforce classwork.  Current Events are due each month; see guidelines on the website.

Daily supplies:


Handheld sharpener

Colored Pencils


Composition book for daily Geography Questions

Index Cards: for unit vocabulary (students will be notified in advance)

Attendance: It is very important that you come to class.  If you are absent, you are responsible for the assignments you missed while out of school.  Be sure to see me upon your return for make-up work.

Class Donations:


Glue Sticks

Paper Towels

Magazines (School appropriate such as: Southern Living, Better Homes & Garden, Our State etc.)

Individually Wrapped Candy

Expo Markers


Colored Pencils