Welcome to Sixth Grade at CCA!

We’ve had a super busy week starting a new school year at CCA!  Lots of new faces and places to visit and new routines to learn!

First, and foremost, I am so thankful for all of the parent support and the classroom supplies that have been donated. We are in good shape for our school year.  I will post if further supplies will be needed later in the year.

Throughout all sixth grade classrooms, we will continue to discuss and practice expectations. A few that I have found to be noteworthy include:

  • Speaking out of turn.  Students are expected to be quiet during instruction and direction.  Raising your hand to speak and waiting to be called upon is an expectation.  This is the most important expectation that we need to work on.
  • Keeping up with materials.  Students have been assigned cubbies to store items and may use their book bags as they travel between classes (we begin on Monday!). Students need to have sharpened pencils and other basic supplies “ready to go”,  We can not waste time looking for items when instruction is to be occurring.
  • Staying in one’s seat.  Students should now know that it is not OK to leave their seats to ask a question or to seek information, most especially during a lesson.  The signal for  the teacher’s attention is raising one’s hand.
  • Remaining quiet during dismissal.  Students should be silently reading (makes my heart happy!) or working on homework.  This is a busy part of the day and we need to get everyone home safely.
  • We will begin core classes and continue electives on Monday.  Please remind your child that he/she has an opportunity between classes to use the bathroom and drink water.
  • Finally, “we are a team learning together- let’s give this 100%”.

Thank you,

Mrs. McGinnis