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Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.59.39 PM Welcome to 9th Grade World History! "A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable." -Thomas Jefferson As we journey through history, from the dawn of civilization to the present-day, we will be searching for those "morsels" of history that strike us with their realness, fascinate our imaginations, enlighten our understanding of events in the past that we thought we knew, and help us piece together a mosaic that leads us to the grand image of who we are today. You can find daily updated information, including a calendar, assignments, lectures, notes, and other helpful resources and tools by following the link to our World History Edmodo Classroom. Students are required to join the online classroom by creating a student Edmodo account and using our class code: eeui89. Parents may also join Edmodo by either creating a student account (gives you access to all resources) or a parent account (provides notifications and reminders). A parent Edmodo account links with each individual student account and requires the personal student "parent code" which may be found after a student account is created. You can now receive text alerts from our Edmodo classroom by simply texting the code: eeui89 to 27291. If you need any assistance or guidance on how to set up or use your Edmodo account, please feel free to email me! If you would like to receive a weekly emailed newsletter with information regarding important dates, reminders, homework, and more, please complete the form below.

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