Academic Goal Setting

60% of a student’s final grade is still available for improvement during Quarter 3 (Q3), Quarter 4 (Q4) & the Final Exam (E1), so make some academic goals for yourself and figure out the math behind it so you’ll better be able to achieve your academic goals by June 2018 when final report cards are issued.

Example: Let’s say you have a Semester 1 (S1) grade of 75 in French I which is a C, but you want to earn a Final Grade of B (your F1 grade).  This means you need to earn at least a Final Grade (F1) of 80 in that course since we’re on a 10 point grading scale.

Question: What average grades on tests, quizzes, homework (HW), classwork (CW), and projects  do you need to earn during Quarter 3 (Q3), Quarter (Q4), and Final Exam (E1) to earn that B?

Step 1: 75 (S1 grade) x .40 (percentage of points already earned in S1)= 30

Step 2: 80 (your F1 minimum goal grade) minus (-) 30= 50

Step 3: 50 divided by 0.60 (the percentage of points remaining in S2) = 83.3  or you can round up to 84 to be on the safe side with your calculations.

This means that you will need to earn roughly an 84 on your graded papers, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.  in Semester 2 (S2) in order to achieve a B for your final grade in French I.

*If you are the type of student that struggles with performing well on tests and/or quizzes, then you will definitely want to shoot for making even higher than an 84 on your HW, CW & projects in order to make up for test/quiz grades that might fall short of being an 84.

Don’t let any zeros slip by you that can negatively hurt your goal.  Keep up with your own Power School grades weekly to make sure you are on target.  If you don’t remember your Power School account info., see Ms. Donna Koehler on the 3rd floor either in the morning or during your lunch period.  She leaves by 2:40pm each day.