Colleges/Universities that Require, Recommend, or Do Not need the Writing section of ACT

For current juniors who want to pay to take another ACT test, check through these lists of North Carolina colleges/universities as to whether you need to register to take the Writing portion of the ACT again.  It does cost more to take the Writing portion.  If you plan to apply to an out of state college/university, then check with that individual college/university to determine whether you need to take the Writing portion again.  The good news is that our juniors will have already taken the Writing portion for free here on Feb. 27th, so if their score is good enough for the colleges/universities they are interested in, perhaps they will not have to take it again.  Check with that college’s Undergraduate Admissions department to determine whether they think you need to pay to re-take the Writing portion along with the regular ACT test.

FourYearCollegeList requiring Writing

FourYearCollegeList recommending Writing

FourYearCollegeList not needing Writing