Next steps for rising seniors- advice from Mrs. Bell

1) Rising seniors are encouraged to do some online research using portions of the College Board website  that includes college/university and college major searches (

2) Rising seniors need to determine whether they need to re-take the ACT test or take the SAT test based on their post high school plans.  Using their current test scores and the online research they are doing (Step 1 above), they can register to take the ACT at:

They can register to take the SAT test at

Before you register, make sure you know which colleges & universities require the Writing portion of the ACT (pg. 11 of attached ACT score interpretation) and which ones require the Essay portion of the SAT (pg. 13 of attached ACT score interpretation).  Read here: ACT score interpretation

3) Rising seniors need to determine whether they need an Associates degree from a 2-year college or vocational college or a Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college/university to enter their intended or initial career choice.  They can use the College Board website above in #1 to determine that information.

4) Why should rising seniors consider attending a 2-year community college first before going to a 4-year college or university?  Read here: 2 year community college vs. 4 year college or university

5) Advice on Next Steps for Rising seniors.  Read here: Next steps for rising seniors

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