R.E.D Folder (Read Every Day)

In this folder you will find a book that your child can read with minimal help. If you find it’s too easy, that’s OK! Have them read it anyway for fluency, expression, and comprehension but make a note on the reading log for me.  Talk about the discussion questions located in the folder.  This is in best practices when learning to read.  If the books seem to difficult, don’t let it discourage your child. Help them when reading and keep going.  You may leave me little notes when necessary in the margins of the log.  If the books were too hard, too easy, or just right.  Maybe you want to keep them a bit longer if they didn’t gain the fluency you want to hear. Remember, fluent readers read like they speak or at least try to at this age and stage in development.

Please log the book on the reading log in the RED bag as your child reads it to you. It is not necessary to use more then one line when logging just use the weekly dates (ie 1/8-1/11).   It is your child’s responsibility to hand in the bag with the book every Friday.

Happy Reading!!