Semester 1 Spanish

Hello parents!  2018!!!!  It is here and it is cold and crazy.

Thank you for the thoughtful cards, goodies and gifts that you gave me for the holidays.  I truly appreciate it and am humbled that you would take the time to remember me.

I have just a few short days left with your children and I will truly miss them.  They have been energetic and delightful.  We are finishing up our body unit.  This week we will begin (tomorrow) our fun body part project.  It will be in class and students have two full class periods to complete it.  It will count as a project/test grade.  Our last day of class is Jan. 16th.  We will have our final test on the body where students will label a body using a words bank that is given.  There are 20 words we have learned for the body.

There will not be a unit test as there just has not been enough time to review for one and I do not feel it fair to do to the students.  We have written and spoken on a regular basis to try and keep using the past vocabulary of greetings, time, numbers, weather and body.

I hope your students have learned and enjoyed a bit of Spanish.