September Monologue Unit Syllabus and Information

Hello, Parents and Students!

In Drama class, we are currently working on a unit on monologues. Two weeks ago students chose a monologue, and last week students received a monologue syllabus with all the requirements and due dates for this unit. This week, students read their monologues aloud in class. If it was obvious they had prepared their monologue, had looked over tough words at home so they could pronounce them correctly, had a few gestures, utilized vocal variety, and read it with an acceptable volume level, they received 100%.


Here is a copy of the syllabus the children received in class:


Middle School Drama 1:  Monologue Assignment


Step 1:  You have already finished step one, because you have chosen a monologue in class that is around 1 ½ minutes long and it has been approved by me.


Step 2:  There will be several assessment stages for your monologue. The first assessment is reading your monologue aloud to the class, unmemorized. At this first reading, you are expected to know how to pronounce all the words in your monologue and to have a good idea of what your monologue is trying to tell the audience. It should NOT sound like it’s the first time you have ever read your monologue when you read it aloud in class.


Worth: 100 point homework grade.

Due: Monday, September 14th (MWF class) or Tuesday, September 15th (T/TH class).


Step 3:  For your second assessment, you will need to submit to me a line-by-line analysis of your monologue.  What you must do is this:  1) Number every sentence in your monologue and then tell me what you will do physically on that line, thus you will type out your lines and then add a prop and/or physical gesture suggestion for each line.  Use a different font or style for your line and your “Potential Physical Gesture”


Worth: 100 point homework grade.

Due: Monday, September 21st (MWF class) or Tuesday, September 22nd (T/TH class).



For example:


Line 1:  I can’t stand you, Ricky


Potential Gesture:  I will throw my hands up in the air in rage because I am angry at Ricky.


Line 2:  You never really loved me.


Potential Gesture:  I will put my arms around myself like I am hugging/protecting myself from harm.


Do this for your entire piece.  You do not necessarily have to choose these physical gestures, but this will give you helpful suggestions on how to best perform your piece.


Step 4:  The Monologue line-by-line assignment will be graded using the following rubric:




Monologue Homework – Line-by-line analysis – (5 or 10 being excellent)


Typed/Neatly presented                                    Spelling/Grammar


1            2            3            4            5                        1            2            3            4            5


Well chosen physical gestures that matches the intention of the piece


1            2            3            4            5            6            7            8            9            10



Step 5: Students will present their monologues to the class, memorized and with gestures and/or props as applicable. The attached rubric will be used to grade monologue presentations.


Worth: 100 point TEST grade.

Due: Monday, September 28th (MWF class) or Tuesday, September 29th (T/TH class).


This is the rubric I will use to grade their MEMORIZED monologue presentation in class:


Cornerstone Monologue Rubric