Snap Shots Discussion Questions

Snap Shots Discussion Questions

Please use these questions nightly to guide discussion about the story being read in your child’s reader. These questions can be used during the reading or after the story is read. Students do not have to write answers but should orally answer each question in a complete sentence that restates the question.

Example: (Question) “Where did Beth and Nat meet?” (Answer) “Beth and Nat met at camp.”

Where are Beth and her parents?

Who is telling us the story? In other words, who is the narrator?
Beth took a funny snap shot. What did she take a picture of?


Where did Beth and Nat meet?
What did Nat do at camp?
Why did Nat have to leave?
Did Beth like Nat? How do you know?
The Trip to the U.K.

Where do Beth and her Mom go on their trip?
Why do they take a trip to the U.K.?
How do they get to the U.K.?
Who is waiting for them at the airport?
How do Beth, Nat, and their moms get from the airport to Nat’s home?
Bud the Cat

Where did Nat get Bud?
What was wrong with Bud?
How do you think Nat felt about getting Bud the cat? What part of the story shows you how Nat felt?
The Flag Shop

Where do Beth, Nat, and their moms go to in this story?
Which flag does Beth say they see?
What do the U.S. and U.K. flags have in common? What is different?
Which is the Best

How did they get their spot for the snap shot?
What does it mean to huff and puff?
Why do Beth’s mom and Nat’s mom end up huffing and puffing?
Who took the first snap shot?
Why is Nat like a rock in the second snap shot?
Which snap shot do you like the best? Why?
The Bus Stop

Where are Nat, Beth, and their moms in this story?
What animal is at the bus stop?
Why does Nat say the bus they will be riding in is the best bus?
Describe the bus: how is it different from a bus in the United States?
Why might a bus have a top deck?
On the Bus

Which is the first sight Beth and Nat pass by on the bus?
What is the next place Nat points out to Beth?
What is Ben?
What sound does the clock make?
Why do you think the bell has this name?
What is the last sight that Nat shows Beth?
What word would you use to describe the Ritz?
How do you think Nat feels when they are on the bus?
The Man in the Black Hat

What is the man in the black hat not allowed to do?
Why do you think he is not allowed to move or grin?
What things do Beth and Nat do to try to make the man in the black hat grin?
What would you do to get the man to grin?
The Man in the Kilt

Why did Beth think that the man they met was wearing a dress?
What country do kilts come from?
The Map

What happened to the map?
Who ran to get the map?
Did the dog keep the map?
Lunch at King’s Pub

Which food do all pubs in the U.K. sell?
What are chips in the story? What would you call them?
What happens at the pub?
Do you think that Dot can still eat her fish and chips?
The Punt

What is a punt?
What does the man with the stick tell Beth and Nat?
What would happen if Nat, Dot, Beth, and her mom did not sit still in the punt?
The Trip Back

How does Beth feel when she and her mom have to go back home?
How do Beth and her mom get back home?
Who met Beth and her mom at the airport?
What part of the trip did she tell her dad about?
Why did Beth buy a map of the U.K.?