Stations/Centers in Music Classes!

Over the next few weeks, we will be having fun doing stations (or centers, as some teachers call them) in music class! There will be some overlap of activities with grade levels, but all are age-appropriate, fun, and educational! The 2nd grade students are VERY excited, because this will be the very first time many of them will have the opportunity to play the xylophones that we have in class, and the 4th and 5th graders are excited about dusting off those tin whistles and reviewing!


Music Stations K-5 Music
4-5 Grades:
1. Staff Wars– Computer Interactive note-naming game


2. Xylophone Composing (Do the composition worksheet, too)
3. Swat the Rhythm/Dabber Worksheets
4. Pumpkin Match
5. Tin Whistle Review/Composing (Do the worksheet, too)
6. George Gershwin Listening Station/ Worksheet (Gershwin is our composer of the month for December)
7. Play the Rhythm Instruments Squares
8. Wizard of Oz Vocal Explorations
9. Sousa March/Cup Song Review
2-3 Grades:
1. Staff Wars


2. Xylophone Composing
3. Mystery Instruments (Paper Bags)/Complete Worksheet
4. Musical Spelling Punchcards
5. Swat the Rhythm/Dabbers Worksheets
6. Play the Rhythm Instruments Squares
7. Color the Instruments
8. Wizard of Oz Vocal Explorations
9. George Gershwin Listening Station


K-1 Grades:
1. Play-Doh Note Building Station


2.  Color the Instruments
3.  Play the Rhythm Squares
4. Wizard of Oz Vocal Explorations
5. Jungle-Themed Clip-Its (1st grade only)
6. George Gershwin Listening Station (1st grade only)
7. Reading Station