Volunteering and Lunch Parenting

Three ways to help!


1. Lunch Parentshttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044ca5af2ca75-mrs1

2. Classroom Volunteers: Just that little bit of extra time and help – it makes such a big difference in the school day! On Thursday mornings, I could use a weekly volunteer to help stuff Thursday Folders, make copies for the upcoming week, and do other needed tasks in the classroom. Please email me if you can commit to coming on Thursdays to help with these items. One, or a few, parent(s) who can come on a consistent rotation schedule would be best – this way you’ll generally already know what to do each time you come after the first time. Please shoot me an email if you think you can do this!

3. Room Parents and Other Needs: Do you have a consistent morning or afternoon that you could help out in the classroom? Or, do you have a random few hours during which you have no other plans or worries? (It’s rare! I know!) Feel free to email me and see if there is anything you can do to help in my classroom or another 6th grade teachers’. You’ll be able to do great things for the grade, and see what awesome things your child is learning in school.