Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CCA-CFA Official Uniform?

The official uniform consists of khaki bottoms and a red polo with the CCA-CFA embroidered logo tucked in with a black or brown belt. Socks/tights/leggings must be black or white.

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school that operates independently of the local county school board.

Where do you get your money?

Charter schools are funded with county, state, and federal tax dollars.  We receive an allotment per enrolled student that is usually less than the local district schools.

Do you follow the Common Core?

As a public charter school, yes, we are required to follow the Common Core State Standards.  We use the Core Knowledge curriculum, which is aligned to the Common Core, to make sure we meet the requirements of the Common Core.

What kind of testing do you do?

As a public North Carolina school, we are required to give all of the state mandated tests.  In addition to those, starting in Kindergarten we give students the NWEA MAP, a computer adaptive test that measures growth over time.  The NWEA will be administered three times during the 2013-2014 school year.

What is the difference between Cornerstone and Guilford County Schools?

NC charter schools report directly to the State and must meet the State’s performance goals and demonstrate financial responsibility or they will be closed.  In exchange for the higher level of accountability, charter schools have some freedoms that local district schools do not have.  CCA teachers are at will employees and we do not strictly follow the state salary schedules.  We also have more freedom in how we spend our state money.  While not all charter school teachers are required to be certified, all Cornerstone teachers are currently certified or actively working towards certification.

Do students have recess?

Every grade has 20 minutes of recess every day, even on PE days.

Do students have access to technology?

CCA has a computer lab that students use to take the NWEA MAP tests.  Students in older grades may use the computer lab as part of their instruction at the teacher’s discretion.  With parental permission, students are allowed to bring cell phones and e-readers to school.  A permission form signed by the parent and the student must be on file in the office.  Technology, while a valuable tool, is not the focus of CCA.

How often do students have art, music, and PE?

Students have five specials: art, music, PE, Library and Spanish.  The specials rotate daily, which means students go to each special at least once a week.

Is there a foreign language?

We currently offer Spanish in all grades.  We currently have Spanish & French in HS.  As we grow may incorporate Latin into the high school grades.

Is Library a special?

Yes, library is a special.  It is part of the weekly rotation for K-5

Where do students eat lunch?

Students generally eat lunch in their classrooms.

Do you provide hot lunches?

Students may purchase hot lunches from our PTO five days a week.  They may also purchase milk every day.  Both lunches and milk must be ordered a month in advance.  On days when hot lunch is not offered or purchased, students must bring their own bag lunch.

Do you have teacher assistants?

We have five teacher assistants that are shared between grade levels.  The kindergarten teachers share one assistant.  The 1st grade teachers share 1 assistant.  Grades 2 & 3 share an assistant, grades 4 & 5 share an assistant, and the MS has an assistant.

How do you serve special needs students?

While our resources are not as vast as some district schools, we are committed to giving all of our students the best education possible.  We have two highly qualified, experienced, full time Exceptional Children teachers who serve our EC population.

How do I get my child in?

Enrollment to CCA is based on a blind lottery process outlined by State Statutes.  Applications are available on our website and in the school office.  To be part of the lottery, applications must be in the office by the deadline posted on the application each year.  The lottery will be is held the month following the deadline on the application and is also posted on the applications.

What are the chances of getting in?

The chances of getting an invitation to enroll in Cornerstone will vary depending on the number of returning students, the number of siblings of current students, and the number of applications received.  We expect to have a lottery for each grade and will establish a waiting list for each grade through the lottery process.  As new spots become available we will pull names off of the waiting list to fill those spots.  We will continue to fill open spots from the waiting list through the end of the first semester.


Who is TeamCFA?

TeamCFA is a growing national network of open-enrollment, public charter schools built on the values of hard work, good citizenship, and teamwork. Schools in the TeamCFA network gain access to start-up funding, grants, training, services, the Core Knowledge curriculum, and, in some cases, the necessary facilities. Our ultimate goal is to graduate thoughtful, articulate youth who are prepared to become productive, accountable, engaged citizens.

What does TeamCFA stand for?

The acronym “TEAM” stands for together each achieves more. In the spirit of teamwork, we have found that the success of the student takes the active participation, communication, and commitment of the teacher, student, and parent working collaboratively. “CFA” stands for Challenge Foundation Academy.

Who is the Challenge Foundation?

The Challenge Foundation is a private family charitable trust founded in 1988. The Foundation’s support of over 187 charters schools through more than $20M in grants brought about the development of a model school concept and launched the TeamCFA network of high quality charter schools who provide every student with a first-class education regardless of zip code.

How does a school join the TeamCFA network?

There are currently two ways to gain access to our network: start-up and conversion. Through the expertise gained in supporting charter schools throughout the years, we have put together a school model based on best practices that were identified in the areas of academics, business, educational technology, and governance.

Do schools pay to be part of TeamCFA?

No. TeamCFA is a philanthropic support organization and does not collect fees from its network schools. TeamCFA partners with passionate, committed educators, leaders, and community groups who are able to demonstrate support of the CFA model and establish local need for underserved students. TeamCFA offers start-up costs that may include the initial financing for facilities with the vision that a successful CFA will become self-sustaining in 5–7 years.

What is required for a conversion?

Existing charter schools who share our vision of achievement, excellence, and measurable results can inquire about converting to a CFA. TeamCFA schools gain access to our network of support and benefit from finding a partner in education. Contact your nearest Regional Director for further information.

How do students enroll in a TeamCFA school?

TeamCFA public charter schools are free and follow the federal guidelines for open enrollment. If schools receive more applications than there are seats, a lottery system, as outlined by the state, is implemented. Remaining students are placed on a waitlist. Additionally, TeamCFA schools do not discriminate based on disability, race, color, gender, national origin, religion, or ancestry.

How do schools benefit from TeamCFA affiliation?

Schools in our network gain access to a range of support services that may include, but are not limited to; professional development, curriculum mapping and implementation support, assessment tools, educational technology tools, and attendance at the annual TeamCFA educational conference. Most of all they gain access to a network of professional educators with whom they can share best practices to increase student learning.