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Parent-Teacher Organization



President:  Ashlee Stout,

Vice President: Brian Willard, ccaptovicepre@gmail. com

Secretary: Anna Hilliard-Smith,

Treasurer: Mandy Furniss-Roe,



Director: Joe Caraher,

K-6 Principal: Allyson Waller,



Academic: Anndrea Risen,

Apparel: Robn Sorrells, ccapto

Character Ed: Jen Willard, ccaptochared@gmail. com

Staff Appreciation: Tiera Henderson, ccaptoapprec@gmail. com

Lunch: Chrissy Rogan,

Fundraising: Janet Bryan, ccaptofundraising@

Social: Anna Hargett,

Library: Anna Kirkman, ccaptolibrary@gmail. com

Athletics: Rachael Tyree, ccaptoathletic@gmail. com

Athletic Treasurer: Susan McWhite,

Vol Coordinator: Jenelle Kerr,


Apparel Website

The CCA Apparel Store will post in Sunday notes when they will be open for sales.  For any questions, please contact the Apparel Committee Chair at

To order School apparel online, please visit the following site to place your order:


Character Education

Character Education is a pillar at CCA-CFA. The goal of the program is to develop civic-virtue and character for a more compassionate, ethical, and responsible society. Character – “Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”. Click to see all downloadable information…


Visit the link below for a list of volunteer opportunities at CCA-CFA


Background Checks

Please note that ALL CCA-CFA volunteers MUST complete the background check form below and submit this form to the CCA front office for approval prior to volunteering.  Background Checks are valid for 3 years.

background check form